HIV AND CONFIDENCE – Being a female student who is HIV positive attracts a lot of stigma and discrimination, the perception of society towards women with HIV is that of sexual promiscuity and carelessness. The fear of being stigmatized and discriminated against by society and their peers has made female students to shy away from accessing information and services about their sexual and reproductive health. You don’t have to have symptoms to have HIV, but starting treatment before you develop symptoms could help you live longer with fewer health problems than if you delay.

Getting tested is the only way to know if you should start treatment. HIV is real, do everything you can to protect your condoms condomize be smart, and defend your health. Your health is your wealth, women be bold and negotiate for safe sex. Young people need honest sex education and access to condoms and PrEP, the daily medication that helps prevent HIV. We need culturally relevant information that helps us build our skills using condoms, talking about condoms, and advocating for our rights.