Is it the Dawn of Suicide and the Dusk of Homicide? — by Festus

The mental health of the Zimbabwean community at large has taken a questionable path since the advent of COVID-19. Confinements unleashed a variety of mental disorders that were so visible in the Zimbabwean Community, especially the youth community. Factors such as attention seeking, depression, stress, hunger, heart breaks amongst many others were decimating lives and most youths turned to suicide as a way out. Cases of heartbreaks leading to suicides flooded the internet from 2019 to 2022, with suicides being reported still. But recently a new wave seems to have gripped the nation, begging the question is it the Dawn of Suicide and the Dusk of homicide?

Lately, cases have been taking over the social media arena of Jealous lovers murdering partners in cold blood, from Boss Pangolin gunning down his girlfriend, to an Mt. Pleasant girl stabbing her boyfriend and also recently a Bulawayo guy shot his girlfriend 19 times after the girl had rejected him. Suicides are trimming down and homicides going up, however, it’s still too early to tell however the tell-tell signs are already emanating.