#SmartGirlsAgainstGBV #SheMatters

Looking at Tertiary education institutes, A lot of girls have fear of using or seeking help regarding sexual reproductive health. These fears come due to the way how sisters and health workers in institute clinics will treat them. They are being harassed, and judged some don’t even know if clinics at their institutes exist. Most private institutions don’t offer protectors for the students to have safe sex, this will cause students to have unprotected sex leading to unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. For example, syphilis. Some girls would go to public hospitals and seek help but some don’t know how to access public Clinics, so they will end up doing what is available, which is not safe.

Bodily autonomy is a cornerstone of gender equality. Bodily autonomy, a fundamental right remains elusive for Girls, not only those in tertiary education but most girls and women. Several girls in tertiary education, are denied the right to decide whether or not to have sex with their partners, use contraception or seek health care even married women also face this challenge.  These are among the key findings contained within My Body is My Own. tertiary institutions, a girl’s right to bodily autonomy and integrity is infringed. Girls face a lot of harassment, for example, a lecturer could just say “for you to pass the module you need to fulfill your sexual needs” because she has no information about her rights and she needs to pass, she will just sell her body to pass. Another thing is boys use the word love for them to get unprotected sex, so girls since their rights to decide whether they want unprotected sex or protected are limited will be vulnerable

I would like to say; Tertiary institutions must have a club for girls to teach them and protect them from GBV and Sexual harassment. Girls must be protected at Tertiary institutions. Protectors and sanitary must be provided and always be available for Girls. Also, girls must learn to stand their ground for them to be safe. If they want to use protection their partners must respect that. Also, Gils must know that their bodies are very special no man has right over their bodies.

As I said before that SRHR being provided in this is very poor leading to a high rate of STDs and HIV infection cases in Universities. Girls no longer have a word over their bodies and also psycho-social beliefs affect girls leading to a high rate of STI’s and HIV.

#Smart girls protect because they know they matter