Policy Advocacy

What is it?

Our Policy advocacy programs lobby government ministries to ensure that institutional policies of Tertiary Education Institutions (TEIs) are more gender sensitive. FSNT engages parliamentarians , line ministries, ministers ,college authorities and relevant stakeholders through varied interfaces. Dialogue is employed to discuss and review policies through presentation of pertinent matters before different parliamentary portfolios.These authorities are invited to actively participate in the Network’s programs at grassroots level so that they have a vivid understanding of the realities on the ground. It is also a conducive platform that FSNT has managed to create for female students to interact with these authorities and air out their concerns.In 2015 ,the Network carried out a National Baseline Survey on Sexual Harassment in TEIs in Zimbabwe’s 10 provinces.Key findings showed that of the sampled TEIs only 4 had Sexual Harassment Policies and one a draft.Male lectures were found to be the major perpetrators.Current efforts are directed at advocacy for the formulation and effective implementation of Sexual Harassment Policies within TEI’s.


➢ To advocate for gender sensitive policies and practices of Student Representative Councils (SRCs) and other student bodies in tertiary Education institutions

Successes to date

In 2017, FSNT managed to design a Sexual Harassment (SH) Policy Guideline adopted by the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development which is being used by institutions to come up with SH policies.Follow link to read more.

The Network has managed to generate information through research regarding the prevalence of Sexual Harassment and Gender Based Violence in TEI’s which provides a rationale for advocacy initiatives .

FSNT was invited by the Minister of Gender and Community Development , Honourable Nyasha Chikwinya to discuss furthering the Networks ‘advocacy work with regards to the Revised National Gender Policy.

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