The network carried out edutainment shows at Bindura University of Science Education and at Great Zimbabwe University to generate knowledge on Sexual Harassment. The objectives of these campaigns were to disseminate information on the forms and nature of Sexual Harassment, the reporting channels and be wise in the decisions they make knowing that they have rights that also come with responsibilities. During these shows the FSNT staff presented and encouraged female students to speak out if they are harassed and not be afraid to report the perpetrators. The brand ambassador for the #smartgirls campaign Shinsoman carried out performances during these edutainment shows spreading the message of Sexual harassment urging the female students to fight such an ill. The result of the edutainment shows was increased awareness on what constitutes sexual harassment and the proper reporting channels


FSNT joins the rest of the world every year in the commemoration of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence and observes the Zimbabwean Government 365 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence.
As a way of launching the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based violence, in 2016 the network in collaboration with the African Women Development Fund(AWDF) held a march in Harare. The campaign was launched under the theme #stopcyberharassment. This was after a realization by the network that cyber harassment has become the trend of Harassment that female students and young women are facing. .

Knowledge Generation

The Network has been enhancing sexual harassment campaigns with the aim of increasing awareness levels making use of online campaigns on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Discussions held aim at ensuring that female students are aware of the various manifestations of sexual harassment and the reporting channels in instances of abuse. FSNT also uses the mainstream media such as the radio and TV news in a bid to reach out to a broader audience. During the radio shows, audiences call in giving their views and seeking clarity on some issues regarding sexual harassment and abuse. This becomes a platform to ensure solidarity with the general public, as the Network realises that female students do not live in a vacuum but co-exist with members of the community. After the Media campaigns, FSNT has been observing an increase in the number of students seeking assistance from the Network with regards to such cases.


The Network has been carrying out debates and dialogues in various provinces on the manifestation and effects of sexual violence in line with women’s rights violations. College authorities and administrators, as well as policy makers are usually present during the debates with the aim of ensuring that the students lobby and advocate for the protection of female students in tertiary education institutions through the formulation and effective implementation of sexual harassment policies. In instances where the students debate, the policy makers and ministry representatives act as adjudicators and ensure that the judging process is not flawed and that students who present factual and convincing arguments are awarded accordingly. The debates also help bring the institutional authorities to book as the students interrogate the system and lobby and advocate for change within the institution in the form of policies and procedures that see perpetrators being brought to book.


FSNT is carrying out educational wellness programs on sexual and reproductive health. This is a platform to allow female students to air out their views and discuss about their sexual reproductive health in a free and fun environment. The program came into being after the realization that female students had no quality and comprehensive access to information on sexual and reproductive health hence the need to share best practices and raise awareness on these rights. The Educational-wellness program targets female students, the top officials at national and institutional level as well as the top student leadership within TEI’s.

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