Women Leadership

  1. Women’s participation in leadership of student bodies

We believe in Leadership that brings women empowerment. FSNT aims at producing female students who are leaders in their own right that recreate history and remain authentic to themselves.A holistic approach is employed using the SmartGirls Model aimed at harnessing the capacity of any female student within tertiary learning environments by empowering them in all aspects to become SMART.
The concept not only speaks to intellectual capacity but, relevance in post academic disengagement and sustainable self-sustenance of female students. An approach that questions the status quo and challenges gender stereotypes embedded within society to become gender sensitive and more responsive to the needs of female students.FSNT also avails support for campaign materials and manifesto development.


➢ To facilitate increased participation of female students in decision making positions of Student Representative Councils (SRC) and other student bodies

Outcomes to date
Due to leadership Development trainings :

In 2017, history was broken at Harare Polytechnic College when the first ever female president, Melisa Tandi was voted into power since 1919 when the institution was established.

In 2017. Belvedere Technical Teachers College recorded a female President, Patience in the SRC.

In 2015, Midlands State University recorded a female President, Adele in the SRC.

In 2012, Mutare Teachers College recorded an all female Student Representative Council (SRC).

In 2012 , Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Polytechnic College recorded a female student president in the SRC.

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