Women and Human Rights

Female students can not be divorced from all women globally.They are drawn from the greater majority and have human as well as women rights that need to be upheld. FSNT empowers female students about theirs rights as well as the responsibilities that come with these rights.Great importance is placed on the recognition of International , Regional and National Statutory Instruments that uphold women’s rights within higher institutions of learning. The Network castigates any violation of female students rights as well as all women in the world.In this regard the Network has been instrumental in generating knowledge of female students rights through marches , community engagements and public lectures.

FSNT is currently advancing Sexual Reproductive Health Rights of female students in TEI’s specifically targeting Sexual Violence.

➢ To increase the level of women’s and human rights awareness amongst female students in tertiary education institutions,

Outcomes to date

FSNT was awarded the 2016 UNESCO Inaugral Award for advancing Girls nad Women’s education.

The Network has support letters from the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development as well as the Ministry of Women Affairs Gender and Community Development.

A strong and vibrant grassroots movement of over 20 000 female students who act as foot soldiers holding duty bearers accountable for their rights.

The Network co-chairs the Prevention Cluster under the Ministry of Women Affairs Gender and Community Development National Gender Based Violence Coordination Forum

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