Psycho Social Support

Psycho-social Support

We recorded an insurgence in the reporting of cases on Sexual Violence as well as other Socio-Economic Problems at our offices. As a pro-active and reactive organization we were quick to notice this as a programming gap that we could redress even without the requisite resources. The human rights perspective and our Smart Girls Model mirrored our perceptions regarding this matter, we could not just sit back whilst female students where suffering. We used to offer psycho-social service through referral systems but, the female students kept coming back citing that most of the organizations we referred them to were not student oriented and grouped them along with other women as a homogeneous group. A concern that resulted in us actioning an idea we had always envisioned of setting up a one stop center which is a safety net for female students across Zimbabwe.It is against this background that a psycho-social department was established in 2016.
Female students are and still suffer very much from Gender Based Violence including Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence as evidenced by the report we receive daily at our offices. The psycho-social department is overwhelmed in terms of limited operational space and resources which calls for a continuous strategic partnership.FSNT is committed to this work and will continue to ensure that the mandate we have of creating safe and conducive learning environments is met.
➢ To facilitate female students’ access to psycho-social, sexual healthy issues, legal aid and other relevant support service

Successes to date

FSNT has successfully handled 30 cases with 4 getting legal recourse.

The Network picked up a female student who was suicidal , seven months pregnant dejected and desperate at Mbare Musika. We managed to give her support until she gave birth, reunited her with her family , and facilitated for her broken relationship with her boyfriend who was denying responsibility to be functional.To date she seem to be doing well and has since gone back to college to pursue her education.

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