Media Advocacy

The Network realizes the need to be technologically up bit and makes use of various media platforms to convey varied messages.These include but, not limited to radio and television shows, face book, twitter, blogs, research and documentation. Online campaigns such as the #SmartGirls, #BringbacthespiritofActivism and #SayYes! Have successfully been run. Female students interact and share information, stories of change through these platforms so as to inspire, motivate and encourage each other. Through researching, the Network gets insight on areas that need intervention thus forming the basis female students driven initiatives.

➢ To generate knowledge on pertinent issues affecting female students and get buy in from the general public
Outcomes to date
1.FSNT has become a household name frequenting media houses such as Star Fm, Radio Zimbabwe, Spot Fm, National FM , ZiFm Stereo and other television programs.

  1. Many newspaper articles detailing our work are available via these links.

  1. The Network has over 10 functional advocacy team WhatApp Groups and a strong presence on Face book and Twitter

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