Project name ‘Strengthening capacities of female student leaders through Leadership and Capacity

Building Trainings

  • • To strengthen female students’ capacities to effectively lobby and advocate for the implementation of policies that promote effective social service delivery.
  • • To come up with a holistic approach towards effective student leadership through engaging authorities and students’ organizations in coming up with a solution to actualize the right to education for female students in tertiary institutions.
  • • To achieve a just and conducive students’ community that recognizes the rights of female students.
  • • To strengthen female students’ capacity to actively contribute to ending violence in tertiary education institutions through multi-stakeholder engagement. Development Goal for the project: Effective participation of female students in all institutions and national processes.

  • • Small group discussions
  • • role plays
  • • presentations

  • Thematic Area
    • • Women’s participation in leadership of student bodies

2016-2017- African Women Development Fund (AWDF)

Project name - Commemorating 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence



To address issues of cyber harassment and female abuse in tertiary institutions through intensive education.


  • To raise awareness and conscientize the student community on the effects of cyber harassment.
  • To reduce cyber harassment and sexual abuse of female students in TEIs.
    • Method

      • • Media coverage in form of radio programmes, news bulletin and articles to disseminate
      • information
      • • March in the Central Business District
      • Thematic area

      • Awareness campaigns

        Project name - “Empowerment of Tertiary Education Female Students Through Leadership Development and Mentorship Programmes.”

        • • to use the prize money to further its previous efforts on advance girls and women’s education in Zimbabwe
          • Press conferences
          • Dialogue and Leadership capacity building training
          • FSNT-UNESCO stakeholders consultative conference
          • edutainment shows
          • round table meeting
        Thematic area
        • • women’s participation in leadership of student bodies • women’s and human rights

2017- OXFAM

Project name- Say Yes! Youth Empowerment on SRHR, #SmartGirls- Educational Wellness



  • • To equip female students in TEIs with knowledge and information with regards to Sexual

Reproductive Health and Rights.

  • • To aid female students to have a better understanding and be able to lobby for access and quality service delivery on SRHR /HIV/ AIDS at campus.
  • Method

    • • Education wellness program
    • • Zumba sessions

    Thematic Area

    • • Awareness campaigns

    2018- 2019 – Republic of Czech Embassy

    Project name: “End Violence against Women and Girls in Tertiary Institutions of Zimbabwe” #SmartGirlsSafety.


    • • Leadership Capacity Building Trainings
  • • Multi-stakeholders Indaba on Sexual Harassment
  • • Media break-fast meeting
  • • Radio programs
  • Thematic area
    • • Awareness campaigns
    • • Women’s participation in leadership of student bodies.

Psychosocial Support

FSNT works to ensure that needy female students in TEIs have access to psychosocial, legal aid and financial support to complete studies by referring them to organizations that offer such support.

Media Advocacy

FSNT conveys its advocacy messages through various media platforms such as radio, TV shows, Facebook, twitter, blogs, research, documentation, YouTube and WhatsApp. Female students interact and share information, stories of change through these platforms so as to inspire, motivate and encourage each other. Through researching, the Network gets insight on areas that need intervention thus forming the basis female students driven initiatives.

Awareness Compaigns

FSNT carries out situational campaigns such as Stop Violence, Peace Marches, Commemorations and Conventions where it distributes Information, Education and Communication (IEC) material such as t-shirts, caps, wrist bands with branded messages.

Say no to Sexual Violence

Call us today to report any violence in your community