Who are we

FSNT is a membership based organization that works with female students in Tertiary Education Institutions in Zimbabwe. FSNT’s concept was born out of the current director’s personal experiences as a female student activist,advocating for academic freedoms for students within TEI’s.As the only female student leader at that time ,she observed that there were gendered barriers to female students’ participation and involvement in decision making processes within TEI’s and the wider society.This experience inspired her to initiate the FSNT and her dream was to see the voices of female students in TEI’s being amplified and their concerns addressed.FSNT works closely with the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education,Science and Technology Development as well as the Ministry of Women Affairs ,Gender and Community Development amongst other civil society pressure groups,students organisations and women’s organisations .


FSNT conducts policy advocacy programs to lobby the government ministries to ensure that institutional policies of TEIs are more gender sensitive. The Network invites government ministries to its activities.


FSNT realized that female student’s participation in Student Representative Councils (SRCs) is low due to a number of factors, including low self-esteem. FSN’s programming ensures that male and female students