The practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is a form of SGBV constantly discriminatory, unjust, a violation of human rights, and violates the principles of gender equality. FGM in Zimbabwe is most prevalent among the Shangani people and is usually done to young girls from 15-19 years whereby their clitoris is cut and removed by unclean tools and is rooted in the pa religious and cultural beliefs that control the sexuality of women and instill the belief that is wrong for women to be sexually satisfied but rather women should work hard to ensure that men are sexually satisfied.

Eliminating FGM will ensure that girls are educated and empowered to speak and resist these harmful practices that expose them to dangerous infectious diseases. It is also important that laws and policies are enforced against the perpetrators of these harmful practices. Fighting FGM practices requires everyone to work together and denounce these unethical acts.